BMS FINANCIAL CORE is a financial web application designed to provide credit unions and financial intermediaries with a modern tool which allow them to implement a fully integrated solution that facilitates and efficiently solves problems related to the management and control of all the services and products that they offer to their affiliates and clients. BMS FINANCIAL CORE includes a full accounting module which allows the generation of all financial reports quickly and efficiently so that directors and general managers can make the best financial decisions in a reliable and timely manner.

AITGP Business Management Suit

A Fully Integrated System Designed For Your Needs

Online Banking

BMS has a Online Banking System integrated, which allows online quick balance, transfer money between accounts, pay bills and more. All transactions are protected with two-factor authentication for more security.

Financial Risk

The Financial Risk System of BMS analyze different types of risk such as Market Risk, Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk and Operational Risk using different methods of analysis and assessment of financial risk Perlas, Camel, Basel.

Compliance Visor

One of the most outstanding features in BMS is its Money Laundering Prevention System. Compliance Visor inspect all system transactions and generates alerts for each customer based on their financial profile and personal information.

BMS Integration

BMS is a system designed to help Credit Unions and financial services institutions to change the experience they provide to their members, customers, suppliers, employees and executives. Our business partners as are Credit Unions are a key and the raison d'etre of our company, so they deserve to have a Excellent Solution Software at an affordable cost that allows them to continue to grow and maintain the success they are getting improving the quality of their services and products.